Project information

  • Project: other projects
  • Client: Sedic

Project Details

- Reprogramming for automatic control & monitoring system for magh water station

- BMS project in mall no. 2 in madinaty to monitor the folloawing items in the system :

1) CCTv camera systems

2) HVAC system

3) Lightening system

4) Firefighting system

- Upgrading for control system for piston refractory bricks 900 tons for asfour factory by using VIPA PLC.

- Upgrading for in touch SCADA system for AMOUN for medical industries.

- Upgrading for simulator program for reaining at power station libya.

- EL-Saiadeen pasta :

.Supplying and installing panel for -3pasta lines with power factor panel

. Supplying and installing for power analzer

- Coca-Cola power saving project :

.Supplying installing and programming power monitoring using rockol automation latest technology for power meters and PLC to monitor all power loads through SCADA system