HMI software

The touch panel software and tools extend the capabilities of both the operating system as well as the visualization of Movicon and thus also the application possibilities of the touch panel.

Operating System:-
The VIPA Touch Panels are supplied together with the operating system Windows embedded CE 6.0. These worldwide-distributed operating systems guarantee a high degree of availability, flexibility and expandability.

The runtime version of Movicon provides VBA support, include a graphic interface, an extensive symbol and driver library as well as an automatic reconnect and data synchronization. In addition, various function libraries are available, such as the integration of intelligent peripherals and communication modules.
The use of the preinstalled runtime version of Movicon facilitate the immediate release of visualization projects.

Movicon is a HMI/SCADA platforms with an open and flexible architecture for industrial automation, which allows the user vertical applications for visualization, data acquisition, logging as well as maintenance quickly and easily. Movicon with its graphically-intuitive interface and many integrated tools is easy to use for the operator.


  • Java™ support
  • Upgrade option to newer runtime versions
  • Expansion of the existing run-time functionality
  • Web server support

Communication Software

OPC Server

The OPC-Server provides the standard interface for accessing data from OPC clients to PLC systems from different manufacturers.
The OPC-Server supports TCP/IP networks via standard network cards as well as MPI networks that have one or more COM ports, an MPI-serial converter and/or are connected via VIPA MPI-USB adapter.

Programming Software

WIN PLC 7 Software


Structure and function of WIN PLC 7 Software

  • Programming in AWL, FUP and KOP
  • Integrated PLC program analyzer
  • Integrated software PLC for offline simulations
  • Graphics hardware illustration and simulation
  • Import and export of S7® programmes from Siemens
  • Online connections via MPI-adapter, Ethernet, TCP/IP and VIPA "Green Cable"
  • Display of face plan, programme structure and cross-reference list
  • Clear project logging
  • Automatic insertion of symbols, parameters and DB-variables for programming
  • Convenient hardware configuration of VIPA systems 100V, 200V, 300V, 300S, 500S incl. SPEED-Bus modules and S7®-300 controllers from Siemens
  • Profibus-DP configuration for Siemens and VIPA controllers
  • Diagnosis from Profibus-DP networks
  • Configuration of TCP connections for VIPA controllers with Ethernet function

Parameterization Software

Different parameterization tools are available to users: TD-Wizard, WinNCS, WinCoCT, OP-Manager.

  • - Parameterization tool for VIPA TD 03
    - TD-Wizard password protection
    - Complete saving of parameters defined in TD-Wizard
    - Importing possibility of generated DBs into the STEP7 HW-manager from Siemens
    - Takeover of time and variables from the CPU
    - Supporting German and English language
    - Free of charge in connection with VIPA TD 03 text display
    - Supported operating systems: Windows 2000 and XP

  • - Profibus-DP and Ethernet parameterization/configuration of VIPA controllers and communication processors
    - Administrative network functions in Ethernet network
    - Identification and display of all participants in a local TCP/IP network
    - Display of single and total state of TCP/IP connections
    - Comprehensive state-recording possibilities
    - Test and diagnostic function via standard web client in connection with VIPA controllers
    - Access administration by TCP/IP address lists
    - Importing function of VIPA GSD files and GSD files from third party manufacture
    - Supported operating systems: Windows 98SE/ME/ NT/2000/XP

  • - Configuration of CANopen networks with VIPA system components
    - Graphic user interface
    - Supporting German and English language
    - Transmission rate up to 1MBaud adjustable
    - Configuration of up to 127 CANopen Slave modules
    - Supported operating systems: Windows 2000 and XP

  • - Parameterization tool for VIPA OP 03 and CC 03
    - Clear and intuitional graphic user interface
    - Integrated offline simulations
    - Supporting German, English, Spanish, French and Italian language
    - Transmission of parameters via standard PC-RS232C interface in the VIPA OP03 and CC03 via "Green Cable"
    - Supported operating systems: Windows 2000 and XP

TP – Touch panel

TD 03 – Text Display

OP 03 – operator panel

CC 03 - Commander Compact

  • Display sizes: 5,7“ – 12,1“
  • Display types: STN LCD monochrome and TFT color
  • Processor: XSCALE 520MHz or 800MHz
  • Memory: 1GByte integrated memory expandable via SD, MMC and CF card
  • Interfaces: RS232-, RS485-, RS422-, MPI-, Profibus-DP Slave, Ethernet RJ45-, USB-A- and USB-B interfaces on board (according to type)
  • Operating system: Windows® CE
  • 24 months warranty
  • CE & UL-standard certification
  • TD 03 shows via a backlit LCD display defined message texts for inputs, outputs and process parameters
  • The configuration of the messages and the parameter block is performed using the TD-Wizard from VIPA
  • Designed for use in combination with VIPA CPUs 11x, 21x, 31x, 51x and the S7-300/400 CPUs designed by Siemens
  • Up to seven OPs can be connected to a CPU and up 2 CPUs to an OP 03 via the MPI interface
  • Project planning is carried out with VIPA OP-Manager or Siemens ProTool
  • Suitable for operating and monitoring of small applications in conjunction with VIPA CPUs 11x, 21x, 31x, 51x and Siemens S7-300/400 CPUs
  • CC 03 a PLC CPU, programmable with Siemens STEP7
  • 16 kByte program and 24 kByte load memory
  • 16 digital inputs and outputs each are integrated
  • The CC 03 is expandable with up to four System 100V or System 200V modules (160 digital inputs/outputs, or up to 32 analog inputs/outputs respectively are supported).


Fieldbus accessories 

Fieldbus connectors, PROFIBUS-DP connectors with integrated intelligence and LED diagnostic display, a comprehensive set of adapters, rails and connectors support the versatile use of the systems.


VIPA Teleservice-Modules are completely configurable via a web browser (for example, Internet Explorer. You do not need any additional software.

Memory modules 

Memory modules for Siemens S7-300/400 controllers.

S5 Components 

PROFIBUS-DP Slave interface cards for the SIMATIC S5 allow easy and safe upgrade to newer control systems with PROFIBUS-DP master interfaces, while maintaining the periphery of Siemens SIMATIC S5

Suitable cables for all controllers


Insulation stripping tool, adaption capsule for S5-115U/F