Provide Components and maintenance solutions for industrial data communication such as :

  •  Profitrace2 .
  •  Combricks.
  •  ProfiHub.
  •  Reapter and Terminator& gateways
  •  Cables.
  •  Connectors
  •  Profinet tools

Profitrace 2

ProfiTrace - Mobile PROFIBUS Combi-Analyzer

ProfiTrace is the most powerful mobile analyzer for PROFIBUS networks. It's an essential tool for maintenance and troubleshooting. Thousands of users benefit daily from this great tool because it is easy to use and combines all required elements in one to detect most PROFIBUS faults ,

- Busmonitor          - Oscilloscope       - Bar graph
- Topology scan      - Reporting           - DP master

COMbricks™ - Monitoring, Networking and Control

COMbricks™ - The first PROFIBUS and PROFINET-based automation system that unites network components, permanent monitoring with ProfiTrace and remote I/O .

COMbricks allows you to remotely monitor your PROFIBUS installations from anywhere in the world and will alert you if any faults arise or are likely to arise. It’s a modular platform able to carry repeater and fiber optic modules. Over Ethernet, the condition of the installation can be remotely inspected with ProfiTrace OE (in a web browser).

ProfiHub / ProfiSwitch - Multi channel PROFIBUS repeaters

The well-known ProfiHub and ProfiSwitch family is a collection of multi-channel PROFIBUS DP network components to create reliable star/tree networks and long multi-device spur lines.. 

ProfiHubs and ProfiSwitches are equipped with galvanic isolated transparent repeaters. Behind each repeater a segment is created that is able to handle 31 devices with a cable length equal to the main bus. Each repeater blocks short circuits and other bus problems. 
The ProfiSwitch is also able to customize the baudrate on each channel. 

Reapter and Terminator& gateways


  • PROFIBUS DP cable
  • PROFIBUS PA cable
  • PROFINET Industrial Ethernet cable
  • Cable terminology

Profinet test tools

  • Netilities - PROFINET diagnostic and engineering tool
  • ProfiTap Industrial - PROFINET Monitoring Interface
  • Handheld PROFINET Cable Tester