IGRAIN Helps you manage your stored GRAIN ?

Itsspecialized  in developing and manufacturing technology to post  Harvest Sector it can :

  • SENSING          :       It can monitor stored grain .
  • CONTROLLING  :     Perform aeration control in order to monitor.
  • REPORTING      :     in order to maintain and enhance the quality of commodities .
  • MANAGING       :     by applying the unique aeration control system to minimize losses and increase earnings .


IGRAIN Chiller

  • Store the grain freshly for a long time .
  • Slow down the respiration of the grain .
  • Avoid causes caused by unwanted biologic activity from insects fungus , etc.
  • Optimizes the use of grain driers.
  • Avoid use of toxic fumigation .


Some of the system components are :
- IGRAIN temperature sensor cables
      in the grain  bins .

- IGRAIN NET - LINK connection
     boxes for max. 8 sensor cables .

       connection box: this box will
      interface with a max. of
   16 net-links and 128 sensor cables.