NO Name Description
1 VIPA German Company a Provider for Automation technology : PLCs , HMI ,SW
2 Progea Italian company for Innovative SCADA/HMI software technologies.
3 Ewon Belgian company  Specialized in Industrial internet Remote Access for PLCs.
4 Invertek England company specialized in producing Variable speed drives .
5 iGrain Danish company ,Is basically a R&D center where different technologies are developed into commercial products for use in the POST HARVEST sector
6 Perle Canadian company Create unsurpassed diagnostic tools and network components for industrial and utility applications.
7 STIF The S.T.I.F Company is the first French company for handling bulk products.
8 ALIA U.S.A. company Produce high performance measuring instruments
9 Movicon Italian Company which provide The best SCADA/HMI software technologies .
10 Procentec A Netherlands Company Specialized in  PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology .
11 ACS German Company Produce Measurement and control instruments for industrial processes.
12 BIN MASTER American company specialized in sensoring devices
13 Logika Canadian Company Provide complete Turnkey systems including software & hardware.