As an introduction for the importance of regular training to increase your employee proficiency and job performance, if you would like to concur with latest technology for increasing the productivity of your employees, you need to be aware of the first class up-to-date industrial instrumentation & control technology to be competitive in the global marketplace Therefore, we believe that at MAS Trading, we have got what you need to train your employees. Before implementing any training program, consider the MAS training courses difference:

  • MAS Trading is providing training courses, keeping employees current on the latest technology of Control System & Automation.
  • MAS Trading provides a comprehensive selection of first class industrial Control System & Automation training products.
  • MAS Trading can arrange On-site and Specific training classes which allow scheduling flexibility as well as "customer-defined" course content, including standard, tailored, and customized application-specific training development and implementation are also feasible. Courses are conducted in your training center or any 3rd party training center.
  • MAS Trading can also arrange for training courses at your premises, or should you need to attend courses outside Egypt we can manage it according to your needs.
  • MAS Trading instructors, whose technical skills are annually assessed and updated, are professional trainers with current "hands-on" application experience.
  • MAS Trading can provide Control System & Automation Training Tracking. In other words, if you need to prepare specialists in certain Control System & Automation, we can prepare a special curriculum to be conducted to your engineers so as to perform all their related activities including maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.